Christiane loves light.

she is enchanted by humanity, and endeavors to capture it

in its most subtle and organic moments.

she could never say no to a sunrise.

to her, thinking outside of the box feels necessary, 

and she'll never give up the search for a brand new perspective

...even if it means belly-down, in the middle of the road.

she is fortunate to have been able to study both

film/darkroom & digital photography,

but film will forever and always be

her first, and truest, love.

Christiane has a diploma (somewhere!) in Professional Photography

from Western Academy of Photography, Victoria BC,

and was honored to be awarded Best Fashion Portfolio

for her graduating class of 2008.

her most cherished explorations have taken her - and a film camera - 

underwater, and she can't wait to play more

below the surface.

Christiane is enthusiastically available 

for collaboration

and creation.

develop the negative into a positive picture  -  Lauryn Hill


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